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Kockumations' EDIRite provides a modern and easy-to-use tool for viewing and editing any BAPLIE message.

Over the past 10 years the BAPLIE messages has become one of the most used electronic messages in the world. The BAPLIE message is the backbone in electronic container operation. It effectively makes the information about containers onboard a vessel available for the different parties.

With EDIRite you can:

  • View and Edit any BAPLIE message
  • Data in Tabular and Graphical representation.
  • Print BAYPLANs and tabular reports.

EDIRite is designed for:

  • Agents, Operators, Port representatives, etc to: ‘list containers to be discharged’, ‘enter data for containers loaded’, ‘search for container details’, etc.
  • Stowage Planners, Terminals to ‘translate between different formats BAPLIE 1.5, 2.0, Excel’, ‘translate Container Size type codes‘, ‘Operator codes’, etc.
  • Anyone who needs to search for container information in electronic BAPLIE bay plans.

Supported BAPLIE message versions:

Versions SMDG/1.5, SMDG/2.0 and SMDG/2.2 of EDIFACT/BAPLIE format is supported by the program. EDIFACT is an international standard for Electronic Data interchange between different computer applications.
For more information about the BAPLIE message, visit www.smdg.org

To download the 30-day trial version of EDIRite and information of how to purchase the software, please visit “Download Demo and Purchase” above.

Area Sales Manager

Areas Sales Manager Emma Hansson Sjöstedt


+46 40 671 88 00

Download 30-day trial

Download the 30-day trial version here.

Current Version: 3.40, updated 12-September-2019‘

EDIRite is distributed in three different versions:

EDIRite - VIEW to view messages. No fee.

EDIRite - EDIT to view and edit messages. Registration fee EUR 400.-

EDIRite –REPORTER EDIT functionality + Report printing. Registration fee: EUR 900.-

Purchase EDIRite

If you would like to purchase EDIRite, please send an e-mail to edirite@kockumation.com with specification of how many licenses you would like to purchase and invoicing information to your company. You will thereafter receive a pro-forma invoice from us. Once this is paid, you will receive permanent license keys for your EDIRite software.


Kockum Sonics' world wide network of representatives and wholly-owned subsidiaries is always ready to support you with service and spare parts. Our highly experience technical support engineers are always available to assist you. Requests received after office hours by either fax or E-mail will be answered on the next business day.

E-mail: edirite@kockumsonics.com

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