Silo Discharge System - Pulsator

This discharge system has been developed for efficient loosening of material in silos. Our system is mainly used to prevent bridging at the silo outlet.
Kockum Sonics wholly pneumatic Pulsator STP 150 is used to create powerful air pulses. The air pulses are injected into the powdery material.

For smaller sized silos - like the silo that contains Rice Bran, and could be seen on the Pulsator document/movie - it is sufficient with only our Pulsator in combination with a steel pipe - to distribute the air pulses to the problem area.

For any larger sized silos, you will need to use two or more panel activators in combination with our Pulsator(s). The number of panel activators and Pulsator(s) depends on the dimensions of the silo as well as the location of the problem area.

The product/powder inside of the silo should be kept as dry as possible. The size of the particles/powder inside of the silo, should not be bigger than 2-3 mm and preferably smaller.
Except for Rice Bran, this system has for example also been used for Wheat- and Soya flour - as well as for Lime silos within the water purification industry.

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Pulsator STP 150

  • Pneumatic Pulse Generator
  • Stainless steel
  • Used as stand alone for small sized applications
  • Used with Panel Activators for bigger sized applications

Panel Activators

  • Made to order
  • Choice of size and/or material


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Kockumation Pulsator Discharge - Outside - Movie Movie Watch movie
Pulsator Discharge - Outside
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Pulsator Discharge - Inside
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Pulsator - Silo Discharge