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Kockum Sonics has pioneered the Sonic Cleaning business since the 70´s and does today possess the most detailed knowledge regarding sonic cleaning applications for industrial as well as marine applications. The main purpose has at all times been to offer the best solution for a specific application.

Sonic Cleaning will prevent ash build-up on the heat exchanger tubes, and at the same time minimize the risk of stack fires and further soot flake accumulation. Kockum Sonics sonic soot blowers are driven by compressed air. The powerful sound waves in combination with the flue gas velocity – will break up the bindings between ash particles and transport them away before they form a hard layer or big ash flakes. The cleaning result is achieved by activating one or more sonic soot blowers at intervals and frequencies to suit the specific conditions in for example the economizer. The sonic soot blower can be of audible type or infrasound and will be selected to fit the application. Some benefits of installing sonic soot blowers from Kockum Sonics is to improve the heat exchanger performance and avoid various problems using an erosion free cleaning method.

Yet another benefit with the sonic cleaning is a reduced maintenance cost for deck painting. With Sonic Cleaning installed, the soot flakeswill become smaller and fly further. They will not land on deck and thus causepitting in the deck paint.

There are a number of advantages of using Sonic Soot Blowers, e.g.:

  • Continuous cleaning of heat transferring surfaces, which can reduce the fuel consumption by 2%-7%.
  • More efficient heat- and steam production
  • Reduced risk of soot fires
  • Reduced or avoided problems with soot flakes on deck
  • Reduced need of additives required
  • Reduced need of manual cleaning
  • Reduced need of water washes in port
  • No mechanical or corrosive effects on the heat exchanger tubes when cleaning
  • Low maintenance cost on the Sonic Soot Blowers
  • Possible to retrofit for existing heat exchangers

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Insonex, Sonic Cleaning system

Insonex® 200/288

  • Infrasound Generator
  • For medium sized applications
  • Basic Frequency 16 Hz

Insonex® 200

  • Infrasound Generator
  • For small sized applications
  • Basic Frequency 18 Hz

IKT 230/170

  • Fully Audible type
  • For medium sized applications
  • Basic Frequency 170 Hz

IKT 230/220

  • Fully Audible type
  • For small sized applications
  • Basic Frequency 220 Hz


Kockum Sonics' world wide network of representatives and wholly-owned subsidiaries is always ready to support you with service and spare parts. Our highly experience technical support engineers are always available to assist you. Requests received after office hours by either fax or E-mail will be answered on the next business day.

E-mail: service@kockumation.com

How to order spare parts 

Please contact your nearest representative (see CONTACT for representatives) or us at headquarters and we will do our outmost to be of help and service to you.

Kockum Sonics is located worldwide and always ready to support you.

INSONEX - Sonic Cleaning Marine - ESEA General info Download PDF
Sonic Cleaning Marine - ESEA
INSONEX - Sonic Cleaning Marine General info Download PDF
Sonic Cleaning Marine
INSONEX - Seagard Case Study Download PDF
INSONEX® 200/288 Data sheet Download PDF
INSONEX® 200/288
SONOFORCE® IKT 230/170 Data sheet Download PDF