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Kockumations' SHIPMASTER provides a modern and flexible automation platform

As for all Kockumation products it is the onboard operation in focus. The user interface is made in a very clear manner that ensure an easy over view. Filters are provided so that the operater can remove irrelevant information when working in the program. 

Kockumation has the capability to provide a total package including valves, actuators, solenoid cabinets, tank gauging and any other functionality needed. The scope of supply meet requirements from the yards when packages must be supplied. For deliveries to Chinese yards we have Kockumations fully own subsidiaries to support. The local office are capable of handling everything from technical negotiations, Factory acceptance tests and onboard installations.  

SHIPMASTER® is a modular system that can be scaled to the individual customer’s specifications no matter how large or small the project. At the core of the product are numerous standard control functions that can be enhanced by the addition of more advanced tools specific to each application. The flexible design structure of SHIPMASTER® allows us to incorporate such features as optional slave operation or full redundancy compliance. From basic stern ramp indication to deep well pump power pack control we can provide a solution.

The reference list for our SHIPMASTER® installations includes tankers, bulkers, FPSO and drilling rigs. The solutions that we offer and install are unique as we are able to interface with existing equipment unlike anybody else in the business.

Area Sales Manager

Area Sales Manager Mattias Johansson


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Kockumation Shipmaster

Kockumation Shipmaster for newbuildingsNewbuildings

  • Valves with actuators
  • Solenoid cabinets
  • I/O cabinets with integrated HMI display unit
  • Remote level gauging system
  • Windows based HMI
  • Interface to AMS, loading computer

As part of our package we have a full scale simulation environment where the entire system is tested and FAT approved prior to final delivery enabling us to reduce the onsite commissioning time to an absolute minimum. The simulation environment is used for training of users. A training session prior to embarking the vessel is a great investment for the crew.

Kockumation Shipmaster for retrofitsRetrofit

  • Total flexibility
  • Integration to any existing system available
  • Scope of supply where working components are kept
  • Turn key packages with installation supervision

Typically, older vessels have automation systems based on legacy technologies and spare parts are rapidly becoming obsolete.
A system failure or even continued support for such systems can be very costly. Apart from having a modern HMI and advanced system capabilities SHIPMASTER® utilizes standard PC components providing our customers access to spare parts at very low prices with great availability.


Kockum Sonics' world wide network of representatives and wholly-owned subsidiaries is always ready to support you with service and spare parts. Our highly experience technical support engineers are always available to assist you. Requests received after office hours by either fax or E-mail will be answered on the next business day.

E-mail: service@kockumation.com

How to order spare parts 

Please contact your nearest representative (see CONTACT for representatives) or us at headquarters and we will do our outmost to be of help and service to you.

Kockum Sonics is located worldwide and always ready to support you.

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