LEVELMASTER – A complete range of remote level gauging.

Through vast experience and knowledge, Kockumation has developed a level gauging system LEVELMASTER with unique features focused on onboard operational needs. Today we are offering a range of level gaguing systems and display software.

Kockumation's electro pneumatic systems H8 and H8C are extremely good in performance, installation, maintenance and price. The two versions are both based on the "bubbler" principal. LEVELMASTER H8 is a compact sequencing system with an updating time of 6-7 seconds. The LEVELMASTER H8C offer a continuous update of all measured tanks. Both systems are very robust and easy to operate.

One of the main benefits with the LEVELMASTER H8 and LEVELMASTER H8C systems are that it is extremely flexible. It can be equipped with small touch screens in the engine room and/or large panel PC’s in the cargo control room. LEVELMASTER H8 is an electro-pneumatic remote level gauging system without any calibration needs at all.

With a very moderate pricing we deliver new systems that match repair price from other systems. The LEVELMASTER can use existing pipes as it accept any pipe dimensions.

Kockumation LEVELMASTER also include pressure transducers. Our sensors are delivered with stainless steel housing and membrane. In ballast tank installations we are offering a gold plated membrane.

LEVELMASTER is an advanced concept that is easily integrated to other 3rd party systems or within our own product portfolio including LOADMASTER loading calculator and/or the cargo and ballast system – SHIPMASTER.

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Levelmaster, marine level gauging systems


  • 24 measuring points in one cabinet
  • High accuracy with automatic system calibration
  • Adaptive level sensing, Automatic purge
  • High update speed, Low air consumption
  • Low investment cost
  • Easy installation, Maintenance free
  • Density measurements module (optional)


  • 16 measuring points in one cabinet
  • Continuous updating
  • High accuracy with automatic system calibration
  • Adaptive level sensing
  • Low air consumption
  • Low investment cost
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Density measurements module (optional)


The Levelmaster H8 utility driver is a versatile tool for working with the H8 electropneumatic pressure gauging cabinets. It can be used as a stand-alone application during service and commissioning, but also function well as a background driver under normal runtime conditions. In this case it is used for supervision of connected H8 units and as a communication bridge serving other applications with pressures and status in a computer network environment.

LEVELMASTER Presentation

The Levelmaster presentation is a powerful presentation software for any kind of remote level gauging system. The program is flexible in presentation modes and give a clear overview of tank contents. The program operate in Windows operating system and can be installed in conventional computers as well as touch screens and panel PC.


The PT HYB is a "all stainless steel" submersible level transducer for mounting inside the tank. The diaphragm is flush mounted in SS 316. As option the diaphragm can be delivered as gold plated. For side mounting the PT HYB can be delivered with numerous process connections like flanges or threaded versions.


The PT800-SAN is a side mounted level transducer for external mounting. The housing includes a stainless steel integrated junction box with cable gland for simple and low-cost installation and is available with a large range of precise flanged fixings covering DIN, ANSI or JIS


Kockumation has developed it’s latest product the DRAFTMASTER draft monitoring system. Drawing on existing approved and proven components the new system provides an innovative and precise tool that the crew can safely rely upon. The system display drafts and return remaining weight allowance until reaching freeboard limitation.


Water Ingress Monitoring (WIM) according to SOLAS XII/12 rule. Kockumation supply measurement unit, alarm panels and installation material complete with all necessary fittings. No electrical components are located in the holds and only one sensing pipe will produce continuous monitoring with compliant alarms.


Kockum Sonics' world wide network of representatives and wholly-owned subsidiaries is always ready to support you with service and spare parts. Our highly experience technical support engineers are always available to assist you. Requests received after office hours by either fax or E-mail will be answered on the next business day.

E-mail: service@kockumation.com

How to order spare parts 

Please contact your nearest representative (see CONTACT for representatives) or us at headquarters and we will do our outmost to be of help and service to you.

Kockum Sonics is located worldwide and always ready to support you.

LEVELMASTER H8 - System brochure LEVELMASTER® Level gauging system Download PDF
LEVELMASTER H8 - System brochure
LEVELMASTER H8 - Datasheet LEVELMASTER® Level gauging system Download PDF
LEVELMASTER H8 - Datasheet
LEVELMASTER Success story - PCTC Viking Queen retrofit LEVELMASTER® LEVELMASTER H8 Download PDF
Success story - PCTC Viking Queen retrofit
LEVELMASTER Success story - PCTC Hoegh Asia retrofit LEVELMASTER® LEVELMASTER H8 Download PDF
Success story - PCTC Hoegh Asia retrofit