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POLARMARINE – Tank cleaning with user in mind

Whether its portable machines for small river barges or complex multi-stage programmable machines for large crude carriers, POLARMARINE covers all of your needs. Our extensive product catalog ensures that we always have the suitable equipment for any type of project.

Since the beginning, we at POLARMARINE have constantly strived after new ideas and innovative solutions. This driving force has led us to many exciting and ground-breaking innovations in the tank cleaning industry. Something that we showed in 2009, when we produced the first ever POLARJET ECO machine. The basic principle of the new and improved tank cleaning machine was that the cleaning media is spread as equal as possible inside the tank. A revolutionary design which provides up to 25% savings in time, washing medium and slop.

All our programmable models have been designed around the rack and pinion control system, which has proven to be so efficient that it has become the industry’s main standard.

On top of tank cleaning machines for tankers, POLARMARINE can also offer solutions for bulk carriers, with swingable machines that can be stowed in the hatch cover and cargo hold guns for a more efficient way of cleaning the holds.

In addition to our tank cleaning machines, we at POLARMARINE can offer the customer a wide range of accessories; such as hoses, couplings, hose saddles, tripods and hose reels.


Polarjet PJ120Polarjet PJ15Polarjet PJ25

Area Sales Manager

Area Sales Manager Gustav Berggren Svensson


+46 40 671 88 00


For spare parts contact sales@polarmarine.ph

Fixed models

PJ 15/30

  • Polarmarine Polarjet fixed model type PJ 15/30Single or twin nozzle
  • Primarily for product and chemical tankers or smaller crude carriers
  • Fully programmable; two speed setting and three pitch settings
  • Nozzle movement makes helical patterns inside the tank
  • Manual adjustment of angle
  • Can be equipped with magnetic transmission


  • Polarmarine Polarjet fixed model type PJ ECOReduces slop, water and time with up to 25%
  • New gearbox with tank geometry in focus
  • Made for new installations or as retrofit
  • Easy upgrade from existing PJ 15/30 models

PJ 20

  • Polarmarine Polarjet fixed model type PJ 20Twin nozzle
  • Ideal for fixed installations in marine, offshore and industrial applications, where a 100% gas tight environment is required
  • Non programmable
  • Rotating parts are kept to an absolute minimum
  • Low maintenance requirement

PJ 120

  • Polarmarine Polarjet fixed model type PJ 120Single nozzle
  • Primarily for larger crude carriers
  • Fully programmable; speed and angle limit control
  • Nozzle movement between 0 and 180 degrees
  • Only machine on the market with sector and spot washing
  • Suitable for crude oil washing

Other PJ 120 models

  • Split type - for additional stability
  • Retractable type - to be able to remove the machine from the tank
  • Swingable type - for bulk carriers
  • CPA type - Speed, pitch and angle sector control
  • PJ 123 - Can be supplied with up to four nozzles

PJ 303

  • Polarmarine Polarjet fixed model type PJ 303Multi stage, single nozzle machine
  • Fully programmable; two speed settings and three pitch settings
  • Nozzle movement makes helical patterns inside the tank
  • Can be set to bottom- or sidewashing due to angle adjustment
  • Standard material is SUS 316L, can be offered in higher grades as well

Portable machines

PJ 25

  • Polarmarine Polarjet portable type PJ 25Two or four nozzles
  • Ideal as portable machine but can also be a fixed installation mounted on a standpipe
  • Non-programmable
  • Suitable for corrugated tanks
  • Can be delivered with all necessary accessories, such as hose, couplings, flanges and hose saddle

PJ 50

  • Twin nozzlePolarmarine Polarjet portable type PJ 50
  • Ideally for crude oil and product tankers
  • Specially designed turbine gives safe and reliable starting and stable speed control
  • Can be installed as an effective compliment to fixed machines


  • Tripods
  • Flanges, ball valves, camlocks
    • stainless steel SUS 316L
    • Different sizes available
    • Dust plug/duct cap available
  • Camlocks/couplings
    • Female/male camlock
    • Nakajima coupling
    • Storz coupling
    • Female/male coupling
  • Hoses
    • Rigid or lay-flat
  • Hose saddle
  • Hose spanner
  • Hose reel

Anti-pirate machine

Polar Jet Blaster

  • Polarmarine Anti-pirate machine type Polarjet BlasterHighly effective against piracy attacks and hijacking
  • Water cannon defense system
  • Mounted on each side, around the vessel
  • 100% coverage
  • Remotely and safely operated from any look out post around the vessel

Gas freeing fans

PJ 300A/300W

  • Polarmarine Gas freeing fan type PJ 300/300WAir or water driven. Choose your own preference
  • Highly effective for reducing the risk of vapor pocket build up inside the tanks
  • Easily maneuvered and positioned
  • Rugged and durable construction, ideal for the marine environment

Cargo hold gun

Polar Jet CHG 20

  • Polarmarine Cargo hold gun type Polarjet CHG 20Effective cargo hold cleaning for bulk carriers
  • Operates with high pressure water and compressed air
  • Reaches up to 35-40 meters
  • Mounted on a tripod


Kockum Sonics' world wide network of representatives and wholly-owned subsidiaries is always ready to support you with service and spare parts. Our highly experience technical support engineers are always available to assist you. Requests received after office hours by either fax or E-mail will be answered on the next business day.

E-mail: sales@polarmarine.ph

How to order spare parts 

Please contact your nearest representative (see CONTACT for representatives) or e-mail us directly at sales@polarmarine.ph and we will do our outmost to be of help and service to you.

Kockum Sonics is located worldwide and always ready to support you.


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POLARJET - Tank cleaning with user in mind!
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POLARJET - Tank cleaning with user in mind!