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Washmaster - Tank cleaning made simple

Kockumation Group can now offer our customers a complete planning and monitoring software for tank cleaning. The WASHMASTER software moves the tank cleaning into a more controlled and effective operation.

A proper monitoring result in a better performance, optimizes the work and takes away the guess work from tank cleaning. The WASHMASTER is a ship specific software that lets the user simulate tank cleaning in a desired tank. Since the software is based on the actual installed tank cleaning machines, the result will be as accurate as possible compared to the real deal.

The WASHMASTER is also available in an Online version. This include live feedback from the tank cleaning machines, and notifies/alarms if there are any problems during the operation.

The user can set a number of different parameters; pitch, speed, time for cleaning, desired washing medium and so on. The user simply press the "start" button and the simulation begins. If the Online feature is activated, the process will start automatically when the machines start.

All of the simulations and settings, including pre-,main- and post washes are saved in a data base for future use. This gives the user a chance to compare different cleaning processes and choose which are the best for a specific tank.

After the cleaning process is finished, the necessary reports will be generated automatically in simple and understandable way. Something that will save a lot of time and energy for the user.

Area Sales Manager

Area Sales Manager Gustav Berggren Svensson


+46 40 671 88 00

tank cleaning made simple with washmaster

Washmaster main window

Kockumation Washmaster main window 

A very user-friendly main window where the user can choose which tanks they want to clean. With the aid of different colours the user will quickly know at what the stage the operation is at.


Washmaster control window


Kockumation Washmaster control window 

Once the user clicks on specific tank, this control window will automatically open. Desired pitch, speed, sequence time and washing media is selected. Just click "OK" and You're all set!


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KOCKUMATION WASHMASTER - Tank cleaning made simple WASHMASTER® Tank cleaning software Download PDF
WASHMASTER - Tank cleaning made simple