Loadmaster X5 Type 4 Awarded DNV Approval

Kockumation are proud to announce that its LOADMASTER X5 Type 4 loading computer has in short time received its first and second approval from DNV for two newbuilt passenger vessels.

The approval certificates are the first that Kockumation have received from DNV, which has the largest market share of all classification societies within the passenger vessel segment.

safe return to port using loadmaster x5 type 4


Kockumation, the leading global provider of high-quality maritime services and products, is proud to announce that its LOADMASTER X5 Type 4 loading computer has been approved by another major IACS Classification Society, following multiple previous approvals from Lloyd’s Register. The new approval serves as additional verification that the LOADMASTER X5 remains in the technological frontier in the world of onboard Loading Computers.

The Type 4 Loading Computer marks a significant shift in operational safety, especially for passenger vessels. Since the start of 2020, under new IMO requirements, all passenger-carrying newbuild vessels will be compliant if a Type 4 Loading Computer is installed. Likewise, passenger ships constructed before 1 January 2014 must also comply with this requirement no later than the first renewal survey after 1 January 2025.

safe return to port for passenger vessels

The Solution

The DNV approved LOADMASTER will be installed onboard a series of a key customer’s Passenger vessels. It includes an advanced calculation of damage stability based on actual condition, using direct input from user or online sensors to define a damage in a flooding situation. For ROPAX vessel the calculations also include “Water on Deck” calculation according to the Stockholm Agreement. The accumulated water on deck is dependent on the wave height in the current sailing condition.

The information provided to the vessel from the Loadmaster will give the Captain a reliable knowledge base to make critical decisions from, and to ensure that the vessel can safely return to port (SRtP). It gives clear visualization of all required stability parameters and a Survivability Factor which gives a good summary and overview of the ongoing situation.

The Loadmaster X5 Type 4 incorporates all relevant data from the vessel’s damage detection system. It also includes the effects of watertight door status, cross flooding and shows the actual status of escape routes. Loadmaster X5 Type 4 loading computer is IACS Type 4 compliant and complies with all relevant IMO Circulars with respect to Safe Return to Port (SRtP) requirements.

Safe Return to Port for passenger vessels Loadmaster X5 Type 4

The Future

During 2022 the Loadmaster X5 Type 4 program will be installed on at least two more Newbuilding series in the Passenger vessel / RoPAX market. Kockumation looks forward to continuing its success story in this new market, and to improving the safety of these types of vessels together with its valuable customers. Kockumation will continue to develop the LOADMASTER X5 Type 4 solution together with its customers, to maximize the safety improvement which it provides.


For commercial and technical inquiries, please contact Sales Manager James Undén,

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