Focus on onboard operation – from acoustic signaling and cleaning equipment to complex software systems based on cutting edge information technology.

Focus On Onboard Operation

The Kockumation Group consists of the fully owned companies Kockum Sonics, Polarmarine Scandinavia, Texon and Marine Alignment. Together we manufacture and deliver innovative and high quality equipment for all types of vessels and consequently Kockumation provides a knowledge base that is unique within the industry. Our products have been supplied to the shipping industry around the globe for more than 40 years with several of them having their heritage from the original Kockum Shipyard with some being introduced to the market as early as 1930. Today Kockumation offers a diverse product portfolio ranging from complete automation systems, to acoustic signaling systems, boiler cleaning equipment and complex software systems based on cutting edge information technology.

The Kockumation Group has always had a firm commitment to be market leaders and by merging our different departments within our organization, new innovations are born. For example Kockumation manufactured the first multiplexing remote level gauging system and the first complete retrofit package for boiler and turbine automation onboard LNG carriers. As such we are constantly seeking new, flexible and creative solutions that benefit our diverse and extensive global customer base.

Over the years Kockumation has committed to the future with some sizeable and strategic investments. The acquisition of Texon Automation brought to us a high degree of competency in marine automation with appreciation of the highly technical specific requirements in fields such as control loops and redundancy etc.

In 2007 Polarmarine Scandinavia, with it’s extensive experience in the tank cleaning (COW) sector was incorporated into the Kockumation Group and it’s established manufacturing facility added advanced machining and engineering fabrication to our field of in-house competencies.

In 2014 the loading computer maker Marine Alignment A/S of Denmark was acquired bringing with them an esteemed reference list and a strengthening of our existing naval architecture capabilities and knowledge.

The intellectual properties for the loading computer brand Loadstar was bought in early 2016. Even more skilled personnel were added to the Kockumation Group allowing us to strengthen the cooperation and collaboration with end users even further.

With its worldwide network of representatives and wholly-owned subsidiaries, Kockumation is always ready to support you.

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