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Heatplan - Cargo heating done right

Kockumation Group's HEATPLAN is a helpful tool to be used both in the office and on board ships. This ship specific software is designed to optimize the cargo heating, i.e optimizing the steam consumption, and assist the crew in their daily work. It consists of a very complex and powerful calculating kernel that can generate heat loss data.

For every HEATPLAN software a model of the ship is made. Every aspect of the heating system, outline of the ship and other useful technical information are taken into consideration in order to make as accurate model as possible.

The user manually enters voyage, cargo and weather data. The software then summarizes all of the cargo tanks and shows required steam flow for obtaining the requested temperature, for the most economical plan as possible. The user can also manually input the desired steam flow in a tank, and the software will automatically show the resulting temperature. This is a great tool for optimizing the steam consumption, using available exhaust gas boiler steam and improving the life time on the boiler.

For every new weather forecast the user enters, HEATPLAN will automatically re-calcutate, and show the most effective cargo heating, making it a helpful tool in the day-to-day operations.

Results are shown both directly in the software or in user friendly graphs, where the savings are clearly shown. The voyages can of course be saved as well, and sent between ship and shore.

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heatplan for cargo heating done right

HEATPLAN - Setup page

HEATPLAN - Setup page 

This is the setup page, where the user defines the voyage, cargo and desired units. It's possible to save and load desired conditions on this page as well. If Kockum Sonics loading computer LOADMASTER is installed as well, then the different grades can be imported from there.


HEATPLAN - Prediction page 


HEATPLAN - Prediction page 

In the prediction mode, the user enters the weather condition for each day. This should be done for every new weather forecast. For cargo data, the user enters the volume, as well as desired loading/discharge/limit temperature. When this information is entered, HEATPLAN automatically generates a optimized heating plan for each individual tank with a summary at the bottom.


HEATPLAN - Simulation page

HEATPLAN - Simulation page 

The simulation page looks the same as the prediction page, however in this page the user can manually enter desired amount of steam for each individual tank and the software will automatically re-calculate.


HEATPLAN - Graph mode

HEATPLAN - Graph mode 

Powerful graphs shows how much steam and fuel that can be saved with the HEATPLAN software. The user can choose a summary or individual tanks.


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HEATPLAN - Cargo heating management tool HEATPLAN® Heating Management Download PDF
HEATPLAN - Cargo heating management tool